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BlokeI hate the new age guys

I'm a chauvinist I live on beer and pies

Tried to tell you but you look at me lik

eMaybe I'm an angel underneath

I haven't brushed me teeth

Yesterday I lied

But all my mates gave me a real good alibi (Thanks mate)

I really went out drinking I told you I was at work

Don't ask me for commitment 'cause it's something I will shirk


I'm a bloke I'm an ocker

And I really love your knockers

I'm a labourer by day

I piss up all my pay

Watching footy on TV

Just feed me more VB

Pour my beer and get my smokes and go away

Or take me as I am

This may mean you'll have to fetch another can

Rest assured that if I start to make you breakfast

I'm going to extremes

But tomorrow I'll get shitfaced and today won't mean a thing


I'm a bloke, I;m a yobbo

And my best mates name is Robbo

Winfield is my cigarette

I dress in flannelette

Shearers singlet that is blue

Throw in a few tattoos

You know you wouldn't want me any other way


When you think you've got me figured out

The seasons already changing (from footy to cricket)

I think it's cool when I act like a tool

Then my mates try to shave me



BlokeI hate the new age guys /

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