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Крис де Бург Крис де БургИрландский рок-музыкант и композитор.

Missing Youcd

Much More Than This

Chris de Burgh

Sometimes the man in me gets restless,

I need to get away from you,

And spend some time with someone that I knew,

Just to see her for a night,

And in the candlelight,

To talk and remember early days;

Sometimes the woman in you's uneasy,

I can see it in your eyes,

Just like me you need to know,

Can you still fly,

Can you still arouse the passions,

Of another man,

And if you carry it through, what would I do?

It would take much more than this,

To break a love so long in the making,

It would take much more than talk or dreams,

To shake so strong a foundation - more than this;

Sometimes the man in me gets lonely,

When I am away from you,

And in the darkness of another hotel room,

If there's someone in the night saying,

Крис де Бург

Missing Youcd / Крис де Бург

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