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Trying to run with the Suave Dogs

(I can't get enough...)

You know about this right here? Right here?

Suave Dog shit

It's, it's like (Circle!)

People still be trying to talk but, you know, I really don't care

I kinda just be floating on peoples

Kinda just like just streamlining on peoples faces know what I'm saying?

I be looking right at you

Lotta people can't understand this shit right here, know what I mean?

But I be floating, doing my thing anyway, regardless

Know what I'm saying? It's like that..

I rock niggas off they blocks and leave 'em all in socks

The Chiznock leaving heads knots indeed

Chasin' me? You'll be tripping up - brush your knees

Talking heat in my face nigga? Brush your teeth

If you itching to get on brother, brush your fleece

Fuck with these, you'll be looking for cuts to bleed

I be spilling milk ridiculous indeed

Trying to fuck with the Chizzo I stay raw to the core

I rock stages low grounds to high floors

I break niggas down see y'all be forewarned

You mourn the day when Chiznock wasn't in it

Now don't get it twisted Chocs get you lifted

Girls for weeks so I roll wit pure Shieks

You're fucking with the wrong man and the wrong plan

Choclair's the name and T Dot be the land



(I can't get enough)

Solitair: We remain fresh for you nigga!

(I can't get enough)

Choclair: Circle Empire drops hits and stays fresh for days

(I can't get enough)

Solitair: We remain fresh for you nigga!

(I can't get enough)

Choclair: The Suave Dog drops hits and stays fresh for days

Now the things that I do, well keep your eyes on me

These hating people always trying to put some things on me

But I do what I do I never sway to be no fades

I be doing rhymes for love but also 'cause it pays

Now ladies on these tips 'cause they think I got a whip

Never messing with no tricks unless she's standing on her....eyyhk!

Every move is calculated "Chocs you be high?"

Yo I'm high 'cause my whole lyricals make me fly

And people try to chastize but only capsize

And these ladies with these nice thighs got me hypnotized

Yo Chizzy! From NY to Shanghai

To T Dot the O making moves like Rambo

Now people here me coming so they flick they flambeaus

Steel toe is I long time ??? I roll wit my

Flow comes heavily now listen

I keep it tight like virgins on they first night

With some brothers who be stressing no question

I turn your bitch ass to hush puppies

?Sicker suade? flat ace yo they think that I'm obscene

'Cause I shine like lips with vaseline

Everybody what


Now I be doing this every day, every year

Now people call me Chocs but the name is Choclair

But no drama though I cruise right through the paranormal

And give love like dominoes

The Chizz-o rock from out the hilltop

Yo I'm out for Gusto like Madlocks

Understand the fact when I rap it's all about the illy flows

I be with my illy Circle understand it

I cruise now like as if I owned planet

The Chocs ran it and now you standing ass naked

Trying to pull it off like you getting these

Drive Infinites but you standing with your pants at your knees

You mad at me and pushing threats onto me

Granted niggas watch my back so people mind what you speak

You try to preach, but yo the writing's on the wall

Still you try to bring me down but I'm higher than y'all

Kinda flyer than y'all, but you niggas steady warring

At my shit but you know every word, every line, every comma

Every time I do a pause, every time I take a breath (Huuuuh!)

Steady on the gear understand the flow

"What you saying dog?" Individual, lyrical

Is I, reflect like the lights off a 929 with deep dishes

Chromed on ass ?suaving? the cap misses

Understand me - the C to the H to the Z-N-O the C-K be the way

The Choclair slays MCs is everyday

Don't fuck with the man...'sup now?


Hook X2

Fresh for you...


Circle enterprise

Suave dogs

Solitair 9-11 don't forget

Silver House and the Girl


Fresh /

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