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What It Takes (Ill B. Style)


aiyo wassup

yo it's me

yo wassup

the Choclair brother represents the T-dot

the O-dot

chiznock rocks it non-stop

so come and take a ride on the parinormal side


aiyo wassup

yo it's me

yo wassup

Afrolistic represents the T-dot

the O-dot

Afro rocks it non-stop

come and take a ride on the paranormal side

(K.C. Thomas)

aiyo wassup

yo it's me

yo wassup

K.C. Thomas represents the T-dot

the O-dot

K.C. rock the block

come and take a ride on the paranormal side


yo catch the feeling of the sub-human being

forever seeing things you can't see

cause I was born intraverdly

cutting wind with my lyrics like the sword of Shinobi

was on the down low (but now people' bout to know me)

the signifigance of this is get you bliss and keep you hungry

my style never duplicated it metaphores constently

while other brothers be actin real phony I be wettin' ladies with my


beggin for me tony


now you never seen this brother comin' from the Eastbound (Eastbound)

to coin a phrase and have the shhh locked down (locked down)

to throw a show an clock the reds and the browns

clown people get clowned and jack-fakers beat down

I rock it from the borough break down to Doomstown

and milk some ----- out in 'Saga city

and laughin' with my cousins up in Brampton

stylin' profilin' while East York calls down the fort

peace to Julie Black who lives out in North York

yo these people try be dissin' me I ask 'em what for

you got no credentials or potential to step into the realm of the sexual

(K.C. Thomas)

now first things first

k-c-t h-o the m-a-s

bring it to your face brother or to your chest

I'm nice times twice I use this mic as a lyrical sacrafice

got you in my grips like vice

I represent the T-dot

and I'm known to keep a hot spot

flows like blood clots

know my abc's and what-nots

from a to z including p's and q's

and if you's rhyme alarming your's is on snooze

I'm addiciting like booze

like Parker Lewis can't lose

your lacking a smacking

my rhymes are known for beat-jacking

and brain-cells for packing persona

full of lady-macking

stop acting like you're shifty

Jack be nimble K.C. be nifty

this lyrical hit can dis the

and make a grown woman miss me

come on now I see why you actin' kinda sissy


ha ha ha I laugh when I kick ass

sometimes I wear my contacts sometimes I wear my glass

now don't be confused 'cause of my body mask

and tone dark skin body shape slim fast

sit down and wonder how a brother like I

can stick out and penetrate like I'm between two thighs

people gettin' hog-tied

they riled up

droppin' more shhh than stars

paranormal big (ahhhhh)

smiling on people think they rule like Castro

they run around the board but they never pass go

Choclair the ill flow sexual chiznock

that represents the T-dot

(K.C. Thomas)

now this be the fifth verse different from the first

leave you ice cold like a body in a hurse

I likes writin' hip-hop

use me innovate your thirst

I'm bright like the sun with the flavor ready to burst

I run with two in this rap game

three including moi

mabye three joining a freaky setion


this bomb shock heavy loading explosion

K.C. quiet but causin' up comotion

smooth like lotion

imagine hot baby oil where you want it (right here baby)

how you want it (right there baby)

you know you like being spoiled

temperature risin' and now you're folding up like foil

next week

the same place the same time the same staton

the same climax of elevation



yeah check out my stats

I throw more bombs than quarterbacks

never surronding myself with fictional description

only facts freestyle on a daily is my aerobics

no impaired vision clear focus

stretch my lady's limbs like if she was warmin' up for gymnastics

I leave you adolescent like pee in your bed matress

I'm way beyond the year of '96

you still stuck in '86

stick to your tricks and porno flicks

bruise the knicks and leave with my goal of makin' my scriputes aincent

like startin' a fire with two wooden sticks

(K.C. Thomas)

it's like cocky style 1-2-3

we got what it takes

Chiz, Afro and me

we roll by the trio east coast

all the way past Peurto Rico

we smooth it out like my vedos

what up taqino

to bubble this track like splimate bambino

you know what I mean-o

yo check this

my style moves non-chelant sometimes reckless

gleamish eyes from the jetta to the lexus

may God bless this

ya know I mean

(whoomp there it is)

like Tag Team

we keep it tight like the firm got plans like A-Team

no black van we'd rather cruise by in a triple-beam

one day for now we chill and pave the way

we pickin' up ??? of baileys and alazhay

memories that make me happy

yeah reminisce like Mary J

it's all that real love in my blood

that keep my lyrics tight like my butt and my nuts

brother what

I'm all eternal like your guts

and that shhh that's caught up in your butts

what up


oh let me get my groove on now

ill scripts and heiroglyphs is my motto

burn the word tommorrow

watch the way I catch wreck

on my plantation paranormal illa sub human-being's what you're facing

mentally blazin'

with my squadron

as we take turns givin' mc's thrid degree burns

anybody who is a decipticon will be laid down by this autobot

with a peiricing verbal shot

now who I be is someone who you can't see

rockin' with my paranorms and f-o-s we be the circle

bangin' kootchie walls so hard it be turnin' purple

my moves so caseful balerina style graceful


forget the nonsense it's all about shocks

I makin' movements with verbal interacton with people who pop the cool


Chiznock sexual who breaks it down

got some ladies that'll go downtown so fellas hush it

always sayin' how you wanna bus' it


but when it comes time you're skywalkin' now listen

you better start with --- kissin'

cause when it comes time for confrontation you'll be beggin'


I gotta moby dick in my ward now I'm fishin'

yo people claim they hard rocks but never stop ------

they either hate it or then ya love it

some girls say they don't do it

huh shut up and ---- it

you need to understand Ill B breaks it's down as un-deux-trois baby


yeah once again wassup

yo it's me

yo wassup

Afrolistic represents the T-dot

the O-dot

Afro rocks it non-stop

come and take a ride on the paranormal side

(K.C. Thomas)

once again wassup

yo it's me

yo wassup

K.C. Thomas represents the T-dot

the O-dot

come on rock the spot

come and take a ride on the circle that's inside


once again wassup

yo it's me

yo wassup

the Choclair brother represents the T-dot

the O-dot

chiznock cold rocks the block

now you got the fix with the Ill Behaviour mix

What It Takes (Ill B. Style) /

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