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Suave Dirt Dogs

Umm, for all these wild niggas (umm, yeah)

Some bullshitters, know what I'm saying (yeah)

Straight runnin. wild (realize) doing their thang, yeah

For all those Nino Brown niggas (yeah)

John Gotti niggas, know what I'm saying (yeah)

Niggas trying to run shit (trying to run the game)

Don't know (Don't know)

It's all a game...

[Verse 1]

Yo, it's like night life, ball fights, brothers getting sliced

Lay niggas, up on the floor, for people acting hardcore (yeah)

And others caught in the crossfire, and dying at age young

They leave .em by their loved ones

People wondering, Toronto Sunday saying, we acting like some savages (savages)

People acting it, pulling triggers and they stabbing kids (stabbing kids)

They pose as bad boys up in club scenes

Keep the grill screwed, leaving blood stains on blue jeans

Then Po-Po, rushes through the entrance, he hits the exits

Hops into his act, wheels spinning on some next shit {*tires peel out*}

Now we got our G-stripes, bragging rights

Little kids with no direction, look at him right

Cause he got my car to style, Medina robber style

Yeah, he bad now, but remember, what comes around, goes around

(shhhh) Who be blind to the future

You need to understand

You need to understand, my man



Peoples get themselves caught up, and then shot up

Bucked to the head for all the shit they done brought up

The situation, got them iller than an AIDS patient

Wild niggas, who be acting like they free-pacing

[Verse 2]

Now, as time goes by

He's looking out his window, see some people outside

With dark clothes and dark shades

And all around is pure clouds packing rain

He calls his man Jermaine, and tells him that

Shit's goin

Suave Dirt Dogs /

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