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Light It Up

[Chocs] Like...

[Jully] Turn it on, light it up, we gon set this.. on fire

[Chocs] Yeea, yeea, ha ha

[Chocs] We in the plane, floatin through the cloud, right

[Jully] Turn it on, light it up

[Chocs] From the inside turn down the lights right

[Jully] ..on fire

[Jully] Hit the trees, or hook the breeze, get your second plate for free


Sit back, relax, inhale the 'dro watch clouds take shape

Then exhale slow.. you know!

Now you in the right mode, to float and fly

Hop in the ride, '81 Mustang, the T ditto side

The ride don't matter, flatter who?

It's all about we and the crew

And at 2 o' clock the girls'll pass through

That Suave Dawg game, and it's more than a few

The G-shorts and the tank tops'll do

With they hands on they boo - you know how we do

You know how these Canadians do

West Indian's, Asian, Latino's do

Holla at the birdy that be smilin at you

Even though your with the misses, she thinks your delicious

It's something that this blue sky does

Green grass, enough Bud, it's summer-time love

[Chorus 2x: Jully Black]

Turn it on, turn it on, light it up

We gon set this.. on fire

Hit the trees, or hook the breeze

Get your second plate for free


Excuse me miss, don't mean to be rude but...

Damn, you looking good like food

Pumpin it so high feel like a candle

Your a coming to ride, this is what we gon do

Skip off your drawer, swim by Jamal's

And later on maybe you can work your drawers

I know sometimes I might get a little raw, but

Your candy eyes is I, candy an I, a

Can't even lie, I, let's see your thigh

I've been sizing you girl for quite some time

Don't got a lot of money so riches I

Light It Up /

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