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Twenty One Years

21 years of my lifetime (4x)

21 years

Choclair's in the house (21 years in my lifetime)

Ill B

Uh (like that)

You need to recognize

21 years of pure bullshit

It makes me wanna bang my head on the walls

And do some shit like all straight swarms in the malls

Mentality it's not where it should be

When you see red and white lights break the night skies

Reflection of a mad man in the tear

Not another brother dies, another in handcuffs

Mothers knees start to buckle up

And fall when they see their child outlined in chalk

Silence broken by shots or screams from knives cuttin through your


Cold steal interrupting blood streams

The ponds are grim, but they froze if do it right or bring your luxury

Man for real, it makes me wanna run the drug deal

I'm sick of all this loose change, pennies, nickels, and dimes

My pocket wants the bills, every day flat meals

Fuck this lifetime, struggling needs, stretch a dollar like a pack of


It's all that you can see, that you can be something when you had


Frontin just to be down, but only gettin clowned by your peers

That swat fights happened at Nathan's Square every year

Understand I

Never seen my dad since grade 9

Maybe years before or after I don't know

But I know that time flies

So I just rely on my family

My mother and brothers, and my boys is the first before these others

And try to be strong through the hard times

And tough times, my heart dies every time my mom cries

CHORUS: (2x) ("21 years of my lifetime" repeats through chorus)

All my life I kept my eyes on the prize

But every time I reached for the prize it demised

I wonder what's going on, but I gots to move

I gotta keep my head and I gotta stay strong

I look up in the air to see blue skies but grey clouds

They all the same, it always rain

Leavin on my face tear stains

I try to cover the worry and sad

Sittin there reminiscing on my dad

And shit we never had

And g's for some lead

I repeat to my boys cause I love you all truly

But people nowadays be acting unruly

So I live for now without forgettin the past

Cause I never know what time's left in my life glass

I surpassed through Oz

Not coming home in bullet wounds or in some squad cars

But what shit is this the repetoir

We all went to war, 45 non-stressed

Screwdriver's in the car

Situation's deep, juvenile influenced by veterans up in the street

Biz, now these street kids

Addicted to the game, unmarked cars and plain clothes roaming the


(In front ofclub blood stains)

A mark of an assassin

Livin up and no wage

But all the latest fashion

Custom made links and shit

This is my pysche

Now could this be, out of poverty

Is this where fate wanted me to be

My thoughts out of control

Leavin stress on my mind (oh)

The point of no return

All my Richmond niggas know the steelo


I walk into the future on a narrow path

But every step I take it gives me flashbacks upon the past

Like the part I got stabbed

Andguns to my brain, man this life is insane

Sometimes I wish I was addicted to Novacane

Cause leave the pain away, fade away, take my soul away

See another day

Dwellin upstairs with my grandma and grandpa

Cross my heart, racin like I would be testin stamina

And everywhere I look I'm seein white picket finces

But reality I'll only see my boys gettin sentenced

That's what I'm seein all around

So fuck the picket fences

All I see is elevators goin down

But discouraged, nah

I know where I wanna be

Just smilin, strong like the island

Cruisin on the ave in the black cad

And with the sound press on the prodigy

Minus DJs and the H-I-double L-T

O-to the P

Understand me

Parents leave a child stranded

So they grew up and to be bandits

I can't manifest Richmond Crew

All paranormal, to my peoples God bless

21 years of my lifetime

Twenty One Years /

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