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Open up the door Astrid, cause I'm comin' down the stairs

And I ain't gonna listen to no more pissin' around

I've had seven long years of give a little, take a little

Stack a little money away

And you better believe I'm gonna take this love to town

Turn on the tears Astrid, and don't forget to let the neighbours see

What a low down deal you got when you married me

You can drown your days in valium and brandy

Talkin' to the cat and the dog

And you can shove your cheap french vogue society

Goodbye, goodbye . . .

I won't be comin' back for long

Open up the door Astrid, and don't try to stand in my way

I'm heading for a long long night to a better day

And don't bother offering to drive me to the station

You'd only drive me round the bend

We're comin' to the end, there's nothin' left to say

Goodbye /

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