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The Door

Baby baby

The telephone's ringin' again

What do I say, are you home this time

There's somebody askin' on the telephone line

Baby baby

You know it's getting me down

The Fatman called, left no message

They get so heavy when you're not around

Did you see how many, were they driving a truck

Did they come on mean, did you push your luck

Did they offer you a summons, did they offer you a fag

Were they lookin' for the money for the sugar bag

Hostile city

Running out the door again

Pulled a big escape along Broadway

The man came calling seven times today

Keep on running

Keep on moving around

Gotto get away by the break of day

If you relax they're gonna pin you down

You've been hangin' down on Dixon Street

Eating Chinese chicken when it's time to eat

Spending time on the underground

When you relax they're gonna pin you down

Wake up baby

I want you to hold me now

It's 3 a.m., time of night when

Robbers prowl

Give me your hand

You know I could not be sure

Oh baby there it goes again

There's somebody knockin' on the kitchen door . . .

The Door /

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