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flawless masterpiece, no mistakes

Back in the1800s I was burned at the stake

Metaphor Mephistopheles

Degrees I've achieved

The brain fluid it takes to believe

would equal the seven seas

I could reveal the true name of God

But you would go insane upon hearing it

Release enough winds to

blow down pyramids

I'm the Michelangelo of syllable

Since I freestyle

Genesis been biblical

That's something you got to give in to

(Verse I)

Since born in my mama's vaginal sauna

As a sonogram, I've been fond of phonics

It's ironic, even as an embryonic

Fed through an umbilical

don't that sound biblical?

I've been a terror

Since I teareth out of the uterus

Because evil plans were made to defeat us

As a fetus

Though now I walk in infamy

As a child they had it in for me

Was raised with guns in infantry

In diapers and in infancy

The childhood of a hood

that was raised in the hood

Cops said "put your hands in the hot sky"

I put my hands down on the hot hood

I can't whine or drink wine

Nine planets planned it

'Til it became apparent

My parents shouldn't have been a parent

State to state we ran some

I wasn't worth no ransom

Money, won't you hand some?

A nigga wasn't handsome

Raise the mind like Charles Manson's

New I was some man's son

But which one?

That made me strong

created my poison tongue...


(Verse II)

Why you cut school?

Cause you ain't feel too good

I cut school

cause my cuts ain't heal too good

Through all the physical abuse

My mind escaped

through the gift of wordplay

I memorized encyclopaedias and dictionaries


Чино XL

Wordsmith / Чино XL

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