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Be Here

[Chino XL]

(Yeah.. yo, follow this, follow this, yeah)

She just appeared out of nowhere

at this club it's kind of freaky so I usually don't go there

She will dance with no care

and I was kinda sleepy so to revive I step into the cold air

Who came behind me it was her, wind blowing in hair

She said "Let's take a ride we could slide to anywhere"

I said "Look but don't stare"

She said "It's hard not to a nigga like you in here? It's kinda rare"

Seven-forty I-L, I look cushion in chair

kinda feeling alright, I was sput in her ear?

What do you want from me? I don't have much to share

She said "Her husband was rich but he was never there

And know she want a affair and this is where I come in

Said she was prepared to help me with my career

So she said I heard I could rhyme and she had lot's of friends

Before we began I told her one thing

[Chorus: Chino XL sings once]

I didn't have to be here

You didn't have to look for me

When I was just a nothing-child, and I know our times are wild

But before this ride is through, and you know I love fucking you

But I didn't ask to be here

You wanted me to be here

I really shouldn't be here

I didn't have to be here

[Chino XL]

Yo, we started to get really close

She started spoiling me right away ?doing? credit card's and clothes

She bought a weed from East Loast

I had been in LA for 3 month's now, but I'm from East Coast

She kept me in a Navigator Rental

Introduced me to her famous producer and payed for my demo

Set it album we was done

champagnr hosts for my future my life had finally begun

Tossed and turned all night, sayed she just couldn't rest she was feeling

distressed about a hubby mistressed

Too ma

Чино XL

Be Here / Чино XL

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