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Its All Bad


Yeah, crazy ups and downs you know what I'm sayin'? Crazy how the world

runs, word up. Check it out. Bring it on.


Lord I try to keep positive, but this life is full of strife

And I'm tired of trying to conquer it

Lord always thinking negative what will go wrong will go wrong

Until the beast in me vanishes

Verse 1:

First of all I was born under a bad sign, confinded to torcher

Never saw what life had to offer

Time slips away like pop singles on the radio

Chino never had the doe, I was determined though

Sabotaged at birth, cursed by an evil angel to strangle

My aspirations from every angle

From a street corner to a demo deal from Warner

Hardcore performer, crowd warmer, thought it was on but it wasn't

I never got no budget, stuck like a glue trap

It goes to prove that

Being the greatest lyricist can't paint the full picture

It's a full mixture, I can't get no, no satisfaction

Like being blind watching a movie with no closed caption

I need some time to ease my mind, I'm bested

Fuck Mr. Wendal my Development is Arrested

All I wanted to do was rock with my fast ass

And blast past the mass, collect quick cash

Did what I did best create, but began to hate

All these flake music people makin' artists wait

But I'm a be up there one day

And soon to slam wax innovate rhymes that my fans consume

I view this world through my notepad

Thus expanding my vocab to win, till then, it's all bad

Hook (x2)

Verse 2:

When I was merely a sophmore, went to Atlanta on a false tour

This ain't what I prayed so hard for

Dreams broken into individual particles like porcelain

Figurings attached to me like barnacles

Now I'm suppose to be ha

Чино XL

Its All Bad / Чино XL

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