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Song intro)

(Girl talking)

Yo stop driving crazy!


Shut the fuck up yo! I drive...Yo word is bond i need a sign yo

I'm stopping right here till i get a sign

(Lightning Sounds)


Look at that shit! What's that nigga? Ohh shit yo! I can't believe this...

(Angel Speaks)

Chino my love although many will come before you

trying to be just like you there will never be another you.

You've traveled so far to get here.

Don't allow the world to make you forget why.

Our ancestors are with you, and will lead you.

Never let your mental conquer me


Never love my enemy

You could never take my history

You could never block my destiny

Never did love follow me

And i'll never return to poverty

Never fooled by satan's jealousy

Until my heaven inherits me...

(verse 1)

I won't lie, some nights i feel like i've been forsaken by God,

victimized, plagarized like Speilberg did Amistad,

He who laughs last laughs best but never again is the montra that I cry...

I spit like Ming the merciless, blissless bliss high risk piss

clench fist, the massicistic sadistic from every verse on this

Behold my serpents hair like purseus ill impossibly,

larceny, broken velocity through lightning speed viscosity

My philosophy, speak animosity keep shit in a bag like a colostimy

im pro you're junior varsity,

If twelve angry of you was on MTV

dis my shit i'll hunt down and kill 'em all individually,

I make headlines considerably,

Sorcery with no plea bargain, or glossary,

Fuck the Insane Clown Posse, of rap their making a mockery

You'll retire like Seinfeld waiting on titles that i've held

rockin' gold like Dennis Leary blasting assasins sent to kill me

feel me, you take notes like court stenography, you better watch me,

I take beef personally to your villa steps like Versace

More Colt 45's than Billy Dee, collecting disability

I'll shoot out with Bill & Hillary, still won't run out of artillery

While you trying to make all net like Iver-son or Jor-don

I'm extor-tin trying to make all net like Forbes the mega for-tune

Stick that ass in phone booth's, drinking 151 proof,

laughing at that bitch with a gold tooth,

flicking my ashes out of a sunroof

Uncooth industry snotty and shady can't no Bible save me,

From throwing you offmy tour bus like Bobby did Whitney & baby

Get with me? Maybe, but then be hunted

You ain't no killer or gangster smiling

or dancing interviewed by Teen Summit

My multi-topical written flows containing subjects that vary,

but still all relative like West Virginian's before they marry

I blind you in stereo or mono i'm deluxe while you ride econo

out of there, broke like the first host of the Vibe show

Your wives know I fuck like

Marky Mark on Boogie Nights while Guinessed out,

while famous bitches give me head with Pop Rocks in their mouths

Me dissapear? Never again, go to war with Vattican men,

it'll take a whole cast of yall to have your ass walking again

You're an over-rated player that white fans love like DiMaggio

You off-air like Wendy Williams, out of the air like John Denver

till forever you remeber, i'm falling off? Never...

(Girl Singing)

I'm god... 4X


Never can you stop my hostility

Never love my enemy

Never get me out your memory

I am never beaten lyrically

Never fear, go head & murder me

So my God will be right next to me...

(Verse 2)

I'm descending from the sky like Gabriel the arch angel

with weight of world on shoulders like Aretha Franklin's ankles

You liars, i'm tired of all your fake drug dealing tales

the only time yall see grams is when yall drink them gingerales

I hold the hammer to, your head piece flush you! like genitals

I'll battle & bring evil that'll make your priest abandon you

Through translucent fuschia zones poems, my vocal tones are dark

Catacombs that'll scatter domes with the phermones of old bones

in Germany eternally my victim hemorages internally

untill the scent of decaying flesh, accompany Manson's death

If you ask, bet, i'll take your breath a diffrent aspect

enter the lung get shredded by person to person contact

But beyond that, any rappers death i'm behind that

I'll get that ass touced in any jail you do time at

In every verse ditto,

my defeat you better have more blind folded fate

than the kidnaped version of pinky's widow

Kiddo, you ain't worth hospitals till im hospitable enough

to put you inside of a hospital after i smoke critical amounts of dust

Thus my mind spoke on Jedi pedestals and roasting demos

semi seminals who try to test testicles of this mc's quotables

I'll make the proudest of all Dominicans swing flags for Puerto Rico

And kill any blanco gringo reffering to Chino as chico

By summoning the smoldering murdering minister thats mastering mayhem

slaying day out & day in out'spoke'n like a dayton

Rim that be keeping 'em staggering through lyrical pattern &

traveling through my abdomen unraveling

at the speed of a javelin still reppin' Vatican

And invade like Mexican notify next to kin cats i'm invested in

Don't worship Christ, they worship the theives crucified next to him

Poison men cringes, from poison pen syringes

these niggas couldn't be stars if they were thrown by Chinese ninjas

Chino you bring phantasm plus you G like the dwellas

and been touched by an angel like Della, me fear yall niggas? Never

Чино XL

Never / Чино XL

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