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Let the Words Flow

I'm dope face it shoot it freebase it

Pour it in a glass drink it chase it

Then chill flex feel the full effect

The impact is similar to a train wreck

It's wack to me when the beat is more hype than the MC

Cause what he's sayin is empty

Null void without substance or content

You need to slow your speed stop the nonsense

These are words of the rising sun surprising some

Who thought I was just another hum-drum

Average type non-mc

Who found a mic

And thought he was hype

Nah, that's not me

I'll take a page, write a phrase, then rephrase it

Treat it like a national flag and upraise it

So a nation of people can feel proud

About a brother who speaks out real loud

I'm here to rock the show

Clock the dough

And let the words flow




Enough tough talk

As a hunter I must stalk

So each day I prey

On ducks that like to play

Lame games to frame the self-same troop

Then guide em off the stoop and help them to recoup

Stone cold back biters bold wack rhyme writers

Give your little party

And now you don't know nobody

Diabolical fools persuin happiness

Likin finesse I'm left unimpressed

I heard you rhyme a few times, each time you blew it

You're soft, you can't go off, I knew it

Let's be realistic, i'm not egotistic

But you, your crew, just not that artistic

Point blank your song stank

Yo, I know you want the truth, so let's be frank

I been upstartin this art, not known for bein subtle

Patiently I listen to all types of rebuttal

"Don't say this, don't say that

Change your lyrics"

Everybody's a critic

It's gettin kinda hectic

My rhyme is authentic

So it shall remain

My writing exciting, never mondain

In actuality

My personality

Keeps my mentality

Based on real

Life situations

Not speculations

But verbal illustrations

Of how I feel

You have the audacity

To doubt my veracity

Or to insinuate the G will prevaricate

Your disposition is beyond my recognition

I fail to see the reason for your constant disbelievin

Why should I lie? What would I gain? Nothin

So when I speak yo, I don't be bluffin

I be puffin on high-powered cess blunts

I don't try to front

Or back away from a challenge, I'm game

You suckers rhymin sound like your lips are lame

You seem to need therapy for you speech impediment

Take this advice because it's for your own benefit

I'm energetic, magnetic, and athletic

One more thing, and it's called poetic

My style's unorthodox, but of course it rocks

And when it comes to styles i'm over-stocked

You might never get to hear my last rhyme

Cause I been writin since you heard me last time

I could go on

The G is strong

I rock the show

I clock the dough

And let the words flow




Let the Words Flow /

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