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Court Is Now In Session

Never feeling insignificant I can make a difference

You need an example use this as a for instance

Put your mouth on pause put your brain in gear

Alleyoops as a brass raise your glass and cheer

As you get on your good foot I hope that you never put

Your trust in unjust suckas who disgust

Ways of getting paid by criminal means

They're having a sale on minimal dreams

Doomed to fail they caught your tail

Your butt's in jail, you gets no bail

The scale was tipped, but you ain't little

There's a rock and a hard place, you're caught in the middle

Need a lawyer to litigate some legal dribble

Now you're back on the streets like it ain't no riddle

How ling will this last, you seem to love crime

Today you're out here, tomorrow you do crime

Word is bond, armed your brain is you

Yo, the state is cold ready to prosecute

Oh you think you're smarter, the system's older

The ace has been dealt, you're now the holder

The name is Chill Rob, there is a good God

My rep is not scarred, I won't commit fraud

Can't say I lied, there's nothing to hide

I say with much pride "Court is Now in Session"

Friday night we out playing the corner

Not because we hoods, cause we wanna

No drugs being sold, we ain't dirty

Polaroids in effect, watch the birdie

Turned around, heard the sounds of sirens

The boys, they collared me, asked me where I'd been

I told them that I was right here all night

Looking at each other they smiled and said "All right

You think you're smart, you wanna be tough

Get your ass in the car, you're coming with us"

I said "To where, for what? I ain't guilty

My name is Rob G., you just can't milk me"

Now I'm sitting in a courtroom all day

I claim I'm innocent but that's what they all say

But to my brothers lined up in the hallway

Take in the type of price I might have to pay

And finally the crime held jails me

Seems I'm made to escape the daily

Routine I'm too clean you got nothing on me

Arrest that sucker for being so corny

I'll run the truth, make it plain and simple

Got popped by big shots as big as a pimple

Snatch him off the street drop him in the can

Chain him like an animal, forget he's a man

This might be a little off of some to eat

But this is food for thought that I speak

If you can't stand the heat, I think you know the rest

This is live, not a test, court is in session

It's a pity the way the city treats the poor

I got congressmen counsilmen, tell me what are they for

I write letters, or better, I even give them a call

But they kick back, cool out in my city hall

I pay the tax, they max, but they ain't passing off

They try to beat me, they treat me like they think that I'm soft

Pure power, the hour is later than you think

While they're sleeping I'm creeping because I'm on the brink

Of insanity, vanity keeps my hygene clean

Stop dissing, listen and you'll know what I mean

It's not mystery, history keeps repeating itself

I last longer, I'm stronger, my rhyme's completing itself

I put the pen to the pad and let the words flow

I put the mic to my mouth to make your mind grow

So nighty nighty alrighty, I'm putting heads to bed

You sound tired you're fired up over what I said

There's no stopping I'm cold dropping you toy boys

No bull, I'm hitting you with the dope noise

Court is in session

Court Is Now In Session /

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