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Children Of Eden Reprise Dove Song

Hush now, and listen

We've got to do something

Before all we are is a skeleton crew

There's got to be something someone can do

And all I can think of is you

You and I it seems we have a bond

Since I cannot fly

It's you who must wander

Little sailor of the skies

You must be my eyes

Is there land that lies beyond

For the children of Eden

God's fragile creatures

We see now we're all of us

In the same boat

And the years of not heeding

The signs and the teachers

Leave us here wondering

Will we flounder or float

May this not prove the ending

But one final warning

To tell us we've come to

The end of our rope

Oh, sweet child of Eden

Find us a morning

The one thing we can't live without

Fly and find us hope

Bring back hope

From beyond

Children of Eden

Cry for salvation

Fly far as wings can fly

Bring hope

Children Of Eden Reprise Dove Song /

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