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 Children of Bodom Children of Bodomдэт-металлическая группа

Silent Night Bodom Night

On the eve of their death

they are baptized

in the unholy waters of Bodom

With no hint of the torture awaiting

to greet them at the break of dawn


When the calm is setting in

we'll watch it swiftly disappear

Too many years of silence

soon he's bound to reappear

The Reaper

is calling for you to come home

With the thrust of a switchblade

on the grip of a madman

And the waters of Bodom

turn a blood shade of red

As the Children Of Bodom

lake their last breath.


And now decades later

on this haunted shore

we all better take caution...

for the reaper wants more

Children of Bodom

Silent Night Bodom Night / Children of Bodom

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