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I Cant Do It Alone

[VELMA (to Roxie)]

My sister and I had an act that couldn't flop

My sister and I were headed straight fo the top

My sister and I earned a thou a week at least

Oh, sure!

But my sistr is now, unfortunately, deceased

Oh, I know it's sad, of course

But a fact is still a fact

And now all that remains

Is the remains

Of a perfect double act!


Roxie, do you know you are exactly the same

size as my sister? Oh, you would fit in her wardrobe

perfectly. Look, why don't I just show you some of

the act, huh? Watch this.

[VELMA dances]

Now you have to imagine

this with two people.

It's swell with two people.

First I'd...(drums!)

Then she'd...(saxophone!)

Then we'd...(together!)

But I can't do it alone!

Then she'd...

Then I'd...

Then we'...

But I can't do it alone!

She'd say,"What's your sister like?"

I'd say, "Men,"

Yuk, Yuk, yuk

She'd say, "you're the cat's meow"

Then we'd wow the crowd again

When she'd go...

I'd go...

We'd go...

And then those ding-dong daddies started to roar

Whistled, stomped and stamped on the floor

Yelling, sreaming, begging for more.


And we'd say, "O.K. fellas, keep your socks up.

you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

[VELMA dances]

But I simply cannot do it alone!

Well? What did ya' think? Come on, you can say.

[ROXIE gives her a raspberry]

O.K., O.K. The first part can always be rewritten.

But the second part was really nifty. Watch this.

Then she'd...(See, get it, right?)

Then I'd...(Then I'd kick really hi

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