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The name on every bodys lips is gonna be... Roxie

The lady raking in the chips is gonna be... Roxie.

I'm gonna be a celebraty,

that means somebody everyone knows

They're gonna recignise my eyes,

my hair my teeth my boobs my nose

From just a dumb mechanics wife I'm gonna be... Roxie

Who says that murders not an art.

And who in case she doesn't hang,

can say she started with a bang.

Roxie Hart.


We're gonna wait outside in lines to get to see...


Think of those autographs I'll sign, good luck to ya.


And I'll appear in a lavaleir that goes all the way down to my waist,

Here a ring, there a ring every where a ring a ling

But always in the best of taste.

Mmmm, I'm a star

And the audience loves me,

And I love them.

And they love me for loven them

And I love them for loven me

And we love each other

And thats cause none of us got enough love in out childhoods

And that's showbiz...


She's giving up her humdrum life

I'm gonna be, sing it


She made a scandel and her star

And through all of this shit I know

To see my name get bilbordo

Roxie Hart

Roxie x6


Roxie / Чикаго

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