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All I Care About

We want Billy

Where is Billy

Give us Billy

We want Billy

B-I double L-Y

We're all his

He's our kind of a guy

And ooh what luck

Cuz here he is

(bandmaster speaking)

Ladies and Gentlemen

Presenting the silver tongued prince of the courtroom


Billy Flynn!!!!

(Billy Flynn)

I don't care about expensive things

Cashmere coats, diamond rings

Don't mean a thing

All I care about is love

That's what I'm here for(Thats what he's here for)

I don't care for wearing silk crevats

Ruby Studs, Satin Spats

Don't mean a thing

All I care about is(all he cares about is love) love

Give me two eyes of blue

Softly saying


All I Care About / Чикаго

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