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Chicago Soundtrack - Roxie

The name on everybody's lips

Is gonna be Roxie

The lady rakin' in the chips

Is gonna be Roxie

I'm gonna be a celebrity

That means somebody eveyone knows

They're gonna recognize my eyes

My hair, my teeth, my boobs, my nose

From just some dumb mechanic's wife

I'm gonna be Roxie

Who says that murders not an art?

And who in case she doesn't hang

can say she started with a bang?

Foxy Roxie Hart!

You wanna know something? I always wanted to be in

Vaudeville. And now that I'm a celebrity, I'm

gonna have me a swell act, too. Yeah, I'll get a boy

to work with- someone who can lift me up, show me off-

Oh hell, I'll get two boys. It'll frame me better.



Chicago Soundtrack - Roxie / Чикаго

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