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Niagara Falls Steve Kipner And Bobby Caldwell

1985 April Music, Inc/ Stephen Kipner Music ASCAP & Blackwood Music,

Inc. BMI/ Sin Drome Music BMI

Baby, so you think you can start again?

You got somebody new,

But the same thing keeps happening.

At the moment of truth,

Whoever you're loving,

You will be thinking of me.


As long as Niagara falls,

As long as Gibraltar stands,

Till hell freezes over

I'll always be your man.

Tell me, when you're there lying by his side.

Do you make him believe all your needs have been satisfied?

Does he know that your heart is taken forever?

Girl, you will always be mine.


Time can't erase

What you feel in your heart

You can't replace the love

No, it doesn't matter how hard you try.

Girl, you're gonna miss my loving till the day you die.

Till hell freezes over


Alternate Chorus:

As long as Niagara falls,

Until the end of time,

Till hell freezes over,

You are forever mine



Niagara Falls Steve Kipner And Bobby Caldwell / Чикаго

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