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feat. Vanilli Shake

(Vanilli Shake)

I glide into this, clench fist don't miss

Sucks get dissed and scratched from my list

I break mic stands, raise hands for the next up

I pump ki's, glock g's, so don't flex up

Just lend me your ear drum, so it can hear some

Shit rocked hard, unscarred, I don't fear none

Unperplexed, who's next in the spot light

Ya swing with this and prepare for a dog fight

Cause I raise knots, blood clots, like dreadlocks

Him and approve this, nah cause a fed not, top secret sucka

I think cause I planned this

Fierce attack, fast break like a mantis

Can this be madness

Has my mind snapped

No matter whoever moves gets popped a kap

Cause I make money and...

Take honeys and...

Let off more eggs than the Easter Bunny and...

As I drop a hit, you should just think and sit

Cause when it comes to flippin, I'm on some ol ill shit

Don't like to share, no next, just stare

No one can get a piece of this ill ass lion hare

The king of all cats

I swing mics, not bats

And never stick it in without the perfeclactict

Not to tax it, it means ill wax it

Slam it in my pocket, buy weed, don't try to knock it

So give me a break, not check 1 2 3

Vanilli Shake is thru

And here comes the Chi-Ali

(oh sucka, stay in ya place)


Chi-Ali is the name, just in case you don't know

You think ya heard it before

But can't remember shit from the prmo

A short brown brother, I dress real swell

Ya didn't hear me for awhile, so you thought I fell

Nah, I took a vacation, but know I'm back

To get my props, and dismiss those who lack

The skills it takes to be a microphone ripper

You may be dip, but I'm a tad bit dipper

You may be flip, but yo, I am the flipper

And if you think I'm lying

Ask your girl, I stripped her

Anyway, don't want to get too deep

Peace to the native tongue from the J.B.'s to the Black Sheep

And a special thanks to the founder of this

My manager and my partner Baby Chris

My crew in section 1, mu cousin Nonyay

I don't care how I look, I am not from Bombay

Nor Puerto Rico, Chi ain't short for chico

When fill a mill to throw on a hood ?????

Or a Malcolm X tape, when I'm out here I wear my cape

And all those who use to diss me, is catching the vaps

(Vanilli Shake)

Sifting thru the rubble, I discovered your bumps

Remains of your body, from the war with the tone

I trapped you like prey

and ate you alive

I am the champ and you take the dive

Cause it's you I defeated, our battle you lost

You wanted quick fame, and now you paying the cost

Because ah... ya got me started

I lost control, now Chi-Ali is my ?, and I own his soul

You coming here was a blunder, so now you wonder

Why'd you fuck with me, I bring noise like thunder

Rip like a page, you too young in age

The Shake is thru, so just take the stage

(ah ha yeah, I know won boy, yeah its phat, I know I won, know what I'm

sayin, get on the mic Chi-Ali)


Listen up, I know you tired of the same ol flow

A crazy booty MC, wit a wack ass show

Who thinks hes all that, but his record make no sells

But I'll make you dancetill ya break ya fuckin toenails

I gethcha hype, cause my words is tough

And I even make a booty nigga wanna get rough

Not a slot when I'm lyrically about to drop

I grip the mic some ol other fuckin type shit might pop

Then go for mine, you ain't gettin a chance

One glance at my stance, will make you shit yo pants

So get new underwear, cause yours is muddy

Get free tampons, cause things gion get bloody

You wanna slam, I got some new shit that'll scoop ya

Even my old rhymes will knock you back to the future

Ya fast to claud ass, but ya too yella cut deep

Rhymin so booty, you start to look like a butt cheek

So I pull my mic out a gun holster

And make ya stomach wiggle like ya on a rollercoaster

Action packed like a total recall

I dropped that ass quick, you think ya ridin a freefall

So vacate, put away yo tape, call it quits

You coudn't out rap me if ya had nine lips

Cause my mic will excite, stimulate cause I'm greater

And even your girl can use it as a vibrator

Rap so rugged, I make a nigga act up

Gettin so hype, on a mic that it cracks up

The more I warm up, thoughts get drawn up

Then I communicate, and rappers get torn up

So yo when they ask, tell em Chi-Ali sent ya

Ya maybe good, but I'm a great adventure

(Know what I'm saying, kill it white trash


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