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Dancehall Queen


Beenie Man

Its a dancehall thing


Chevelle Franklin

She's a dancehall queen for life

Gonna explode like dynamite

And she's moving outta sight

Now she a guh mash up di place like dynamite


Beenie Man

1. Gal how yuh so full a etiquette and yuh so clever

Thru a Selassie mek a you design fi be the dancer

If a fi m alone a woulda tun yuh inna mi lover

Gal mi waan mi name, mi waan fi knock yuh wid mi hammer

Den mek mi get back pon track yah, Marcia

Fus time mi see yuh mi woulda walk inna macka

Now mi see yuh wine mi waan fi bun up inna fire

Tan up inna clothes like a tinking Fila

Fi da gal yah a wine she look like mumma killa

One touch mi touch mi it bun mi like pepper

But hear di DJ a utter, mi halla

Chevelle now or forever yuh halla


2. Contest a gwaan fi di dancehall queen

Who a wear di crown nuh di one Alovene

Hell and powderhouse when miss lady come in

Den everybaddi staart screem, seen

Where di girl come from nobody dont know

She's a devil angel and she's a go-go

Ask mi I dont know, all mi know

When mi hitch up dung a African Star

Mi see bus, mi see truck, mi see bike, mi see car

Night time come and video ligt it tun on

Har body staart to alarm, gal because


Watch mi now

She can cork any session

Wid a cute face a create nuff heat inna di place

An try nuh touch a button

If yuh touch a button she a guh try an duh yuh suppen

An go girl, faah mi naah stop say so

Go girl, to the rhythm whey a throw

Go girl, to the bass whey a blow


Chevelle DJ

RPT Chevelle part twice

Dancehall Queen /

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