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Skyline Drive

She shimmers like the surface of a swimming pool

Staring out of blue horizon eyes

She's flippin' through the pages of the interview

Her fingernails are diamond white

She winces at the passing of a careless thought

Of butchered bodies in the morgue

And then she shakes her hair across her eyes

Like a closed blonde door

The crime wasn't low self-esteemed this time, they joked

As they loaded in the back door for a couple of stiffs

Up on skyline drive

A pastel sunset colored the sky, the city below them

He points down to the place that he lives from

Up on skyline drive

Marble furniture the color of toothpaste

She sits beside the pool out in the sun

Teabag floats as if an astronaut in space

And menstruates in a silver cup

Sentry system picking up a bearded man

He's muttering under his breath

Up in the helicopter cameras roll as he's shot to death

Skyline Drive /

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