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Dirty Mutha Fuzz

I thought i was bad thought l'ze a kickn' stud

I thought i had a knockn' stroll

I caught a momma glidin' through the alley

A big pink pussycat she said "meow"

She said her name was tammy

And her sugar hills worked the cure

I came to her in jammies

And i left so-phista-mature

Dirty mutha fuzz

Well the next day i hung over

My head still hurt like hell

I begged to her have mercy

But she pounded on me just like a nail

She unwrapped all by chocolates

I opened up all her cans

She spread herself out like a banquet and said

"i'm gonna punish you my man"

Dirty mutha fuzz

I got my fine sexy sheba here

She only smokes the peckerilla

It's like we're chillin' down in graceland

She's elvis - i'm priscilla

Dirty, yeah she loves you dirty mutha fuzz

She's built like a candy store and lord i ate too much

Dirty, she's got the velvety hand cuffs

I tell ya fellas i got whip marks on my butt

Dirty, yea my tickle turned into a scream

I tasted the cool whip and produced my whip cream

Little orphan annie's got on red stiletto heels

She said, "you love it, you love it,

Just gaze up at me as you kneel"

When she went for the whip fellas

A chill went down my spine

Such an innocent face

With such an evil mind

I pushed the buttons on her blaster

John coltrane began to bop

I started workin' on a solid rhythm

With horns over the top

All at once she whispered

"a little fertilizer will make it grow"

Her blubber cups bucked a blizzard

And i covered her with snow

Dirty mutha fuzz

Dirty, yeah she loves you dirty mutha fuzz

She's built li

Dirty Mutha Fuzz /

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