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Diabolic Tastemaker

Tentacles are groping

We crawled out of the sea

Jelly stained reptile brained

Formless and squishy

And still we have these minds

And that fishy kinda flux

All unglued, loose and ballooned

Slippery as a slug

Like an octopussy swimmin'

In a bath of lemonade

Licorice gas our hearts our ass

Breeding life

You don't understand your minds' music

Lacks a funky bass

No balls, tour walls

I got solar system space

I got diabolic tastemake

Got my source of creation

Angle eyes to skyward

There's a mustache comm' down

Tongue is red givin' head

Lickin' up the moon

A self portrait in vomit

I spit it in the rug

Look inside, there you'll find

I'm of noble blood

Creative acts in liquid

Smearin' doo doo on the walls

I got spanked when i yanked niagra falls

Goddesses of beauty, i worship your booty

I crashed her gash

I suffered in her succotash

I got diabolic tastemaker

Got my source of creation

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