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 Шер ШерАмериканская певица, актриса (армянского происхождения)

Dont Come Around Tonite

I bring a paper

To the cafe on the corner

I catch a movie in the afternoon

I spend an hour

Doing nothing that important

But nothing's what I'm in the mood to do

This peaceful image

Of a seen almost forgotten

Just touched the surface

Of my conscious mind

Of things I used to do

Before I knew you


So don't come around here tonite

But that doesn't mean forever

I trust you to spare us a fight

And humour my endeavour

There was something about you to me

How easier love used to be

Well I just need to know

That I'm all right

If you don't come around tonite

And so I wander

Through the workings of the city

Where every stranger has discovered me

With my desire, my isolation

Somehow I have to make the two agree

And then you vanish

All my thoughts and independance

When you put your hands on me

And I feel these things you do

That I've grown used to


You say I'm the one

You've been searching for

But for myself I would rather be more

Then someone who only aspires

To forfeit your every desire

And nights I've been mad, you are few

Now, all I am asking of you, is



Dont Come Around Tonite / Шер

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