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 Шер ШерАмериканская певица, актриса (армянского происхождения)

With Or Without You

I don't wanna live without you

God, it hurts to be alone

But livin' with you or without you

Cuts my poor heart to the bone

'Cause my heart gets broken everytime we fall

There's only so much left unshattered

This time I know my back's against the wall

But the truth's the only thing

That matters anymore

I'm scared in a crowd of people

And you're afraid to be alone

I have prayed you'd be beside me

I guess I'm meant to stand alone

Oh, cause our heart's get broken

Everytime we fall

They're beaten down and battered

You're so afraid you don't deserve it all

But you're not the only thing that matters anymore

How can I live without you in my heart

When I walk out this time

It'll tear me apart

My heart gets broken everytime we fall

There's only so long I can fake it

'Cause you let me go babe

We could have had it all

We had a chance

I thought we'd make it

'Cause I gave my heart

You had to break it

God give me the strength

I just can't take it anymore


With Or Without You / Шер

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