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 Шер ШерАмериканская певица, актриса (армянского происхождения)

Silver Wings And Golden Rings

It was Friday night

And both of us were lonely

We seemed to meet as lonely people do

I filled that empty space till Monday morning

I never meant ton fall in love with you

Came right out and told me

About your wife back home in Houston

You were just in town on business

You never tried to lead me on

Time had seemed just fine

Simply love you for the moment

Heaven help me time ran out

Now the moment's gone


Silver wings and golden rings

Are taking you today

And I'll be dying on the ground

While you are flying away

Silver wings and golden rings

Are shinning on and on

While the only love

I've ever known is gone

You made me feel like

I was something special

The way no other man ever done

And I knew last night

Would have to last forever

It's just no way of holding back the sun

And now I guess it's time for me

To drive you to the airport

Hold back all my tears

Tell you it's been nice

If you come back to town again

Know I love to see you

Remember I'm not strong enough

To let go of you twice

[Chorus x2]


Silver Wings And Golden Rings / Шер

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