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 Шер ШерАмериканская певица, актриса (армянского происхождения)

She Loves To Hear The Music

She's just a secretary

At a small recording firm

When it comes to music

There ain't nothing she can't learn

And everything she lives and breathes

Is written on an album sleeve

She can tell you who's hot

Who will make it and who will not


She loves to hear the music

She's got every lyric down

She loves to hear them say

She's got the greatest ears in town

Hangs around a studio

Ain't a rock star she don't know

Sometimes they take her home

But she always wakes up alone

Men that want to marry her

Never satisfied

In rythms that she hears

All that keeps her high

So they turn around and go

And leave her by her radio

She didn't love 'em anyway

Not like she loves the men who play


She's there at every studio

The first to come, the last to go

Sometimes they take her home

But she always wakes up alone

Years will not be kind to her

Her world is for the young

Bands that played so tightly and knit

Will soon become unstrung

She'll be just another face

Out of town and out of place

When the songs revive again

She'll come to life and tell them when


She could of been somebody's wife

Music men destroyed her life

Each night she took one home

But she always woke up alone


She Loves To Hear The Music / Шер

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