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 Шер ШерАмериканская певица, актриса (армянского происхождения)

Give Our Love A Fighting Chance

So you wanna throw our love away

So you think we ought-a say goodbye

And you tell me we've run out-a time

Can't make a heart, stop on a dime

You could always walk away

Like you never saw my face

If you wanted to

You could tell yourself a lie

Say this love ain't worth a try

But you know isn't true

You heart is tellin' you


Whoa...we gotta take a stand

Give our love a fightin' chance

We can talk it over baby

Woman to man

Give our love a fightin' chance

A fightin' chance

So you think you'll wish it all away

Click your heels and leave it all behind

But you don't know that in the real world

You gotta fight to keep love alive

There's a battle to be won

And if bother our hearts are strong

We can make it through

So don't turn your back and run

'Cause your heart's under the gun

It's a case of do or die

Break down the walls of pride



Give Our Love A Fighting Chance / Шер

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