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 Шер ШерАмериканская певица, актриса (армянского происхождения)

Fit To Fly

Oh brother, man where are you

I am bucklin' from the load

I have lost my eye for color

And my heart can't see the road

Oh sister come and catch me

'Cause my legs, their prime has passed

I am breakin' from the sorrow

And my faith is fadin' fast

Mother, father help me

I'm your flesh and blood and bone

Don't you hear me, can't you see me

Am I doomed to live alone

Without warmth or love or honor

Like a dog out on the street

Am I trash 'cause I can't manage

Must I grovel at your feet

I'm the boy who fought your battles

And I'm the man who won your wars

Is it over? Have you used me?

I'm no value anymore

I'm your mothers, wives and daughters

I'm your fathers, husbands, sons

I'm the life's blood of this country

I'm the hopeful precious ones

Am I nothin'? Am I no one?

Once a fabric, now a rag

We treat people like they're nothing

We're not fit to fly, fit to fly

No, no, no, no - no, no, no

We're not fit to fly

Fit to fly a flag(no, no, no)

Join the army, see the world

The marine corps join the navy

We're not fit to fly

Fit to fly the flag


Fit To Fly / Шер

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