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 Шер ШерАмериканская певица, актриса (армянского происхождения)

Disaster Cake

If you're gonna make an omelette

You gotta break an egg

You wanna be in showbiz

Then you gotta break a leg

Babe you're heading on a journey

I hate to see you make

Cause the only food they sell there

Is called Disaster Cake

You won't plan it or deserve it

When life sneaks behind your back

It'll grab you by the short hairs

And gently tie you to the rack

If you think you can outrun it

That'll be your first mistake

'Cause the recipe you're making

Is for Disaster Cake

Read my lips

Babe the crack that you hear is thunder

You don't know, but you're going under

Read my lips

Babe the flash that you see is lightinin'

I have been up ahead, it's frightenin'

Yeah you're young and you're cool

Here to break evey rule - you're a fool

Now you won't listen or believe me

When I tell you what's a head

I'm a dinosaur in your mind

I've never even seen "The Dead"

But child read my lips and tremble

'Cause your world is about to break

And the crumbs they're selling after

Are from Disaster Cake

Read my lips

Girl you're heading for a disaster

You run fast, you need to run faster

Read my lips

'Cause you're an accident waiting to happen

This is death bitch, it ain't just nappin'

Yeah you're young and you're cool

But hell's full of young fool's

Rest in peace

Yeah I know you're tired of listenin'

And you wish I'd just go away

If I do you'll be alone here

And then you'll beg my ass to stay

Babe, life's a paradox for certain

Like trying to fuck through an earthquake

Simpler task than eating

An ent


Disaster Cake / Шер

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