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Pocketful Of Love

I don't need no fancy mansions,

Got no time to follow fashions,

All the wheeling dealing ain't my kind of style.

I don't crave for fame and fortune,

Cause they just ain't my intention,

All I want is to be running free and wild.

**I've got a day full of sunshine,

Got a heart full of love,

Got a mine full of day dreams,

Someone's smiling from above.

Got a pocketful of music,

Sweet melodies.

Got a pocketful of music,

To keep me company.**

Why do people keep on rushing,

Fuzzing, fighting never thinking

That they only wind up wasting their own time?

See the robin up there winging,

Feel the joy that life is bring,

Stay with me awhile, Let's find some peace of mind.


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