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Cinderella - the correct version!!!!

When I was just a little girl

my mama used to tuck me into bed

and she'd read me a story

it always was about a princess in distress

and how a guy would save her and end up with the glory

i'd lie in bed and think about

the princess that i wanted to be

doesn't seem they relise

that fairy tale life is perfect for me


I don't wanna be like Cinderella

sitting in a dark cold dusty cellar

waiting for somebody to come and set me free

i don't wanna be like snow white waiting

for a handsome prince to come and save me

on a horse of white

and we're riding side by side

don't wanna be no one (no one else)

i'd rather rescue myself

I can slay my own dragons

i can dream my own dreams

my knight in shining armour is me

so i'm gonna set me free


Cinderella - the correct version!!!! /

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