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Walk Away

You think that it's funny

You think i'm a fool

It's nothin' i needed

Just somethin' to do

Out of touch out of time

It's not easy to find, well

These two hearts are

Broken before they start, so


* walk away walk away

I don't mind i don't mind

Don't act like you're worried

I'm feelin' no pain

You got what you needed

You fun little game

Stoned and confused

I know

It ain't easy

To hold on

We've been hidin'

Pretendin' cheatin' and lyin'

* repeat x2

Don't know what to thank

Who to blame

We were lovers just the same, well

Startin' stoppin'

Over and over and over

* repeat x3

Walk away walk away

Cheap trick

Walk Away / Cheap trick

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