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Catch One

On-ly love can let you know, if its

on-ly love can let you know,

She was holding up her banner when somebody screamed get down,

When everyone rushed the streets in panic,

Then he pulled her from the crowd,

Later when everything had cooled out,

She explained to him her mind,

Over a coffee and strawberries who would think that she would find...........


The other half of the circle,

The other side of the sun,

You best to catch one x4

When he saw her marching for our peoples rights he knew that day,

When a commotion broke out police loc-ed out she ran into his way,

After a care conversation it still amazes him right now,

How she believed in so much right then she touched his heart and yes

that's how she was............

These are the words that they would drop on me when I was feeling low,

If my parents weren't persistent then I guess I would not know,

If this person that I'm seeing is to never be alone,

Then my mama hands me strawberries and sez pick up the phone

and call your..........


(The) Other half of the circle the side of the sun you best

to catch one x4

Only love can let you know if it's,

only love can let you know

Catch One /

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