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Rabbit, rabbit .....(repeat)

You got a beatiful chin,

You got beautiful skin,

You got a beautiful face,

You got taste

You got beautiful eyes,

You got beautiful thighs,

You got a lot, without a doubt,

But I'm thinkin' bout blowin you out,

Cos, you won't stop talking,

Why don't you give it a rest?

You got more rabbit than sainsburys

Its time you got it off your chest

Now you was just the kind of girl to break my heart in 2 CHORUS

I knew right off when I first met my eyes on you

But how was I to know you'd bend my ear holes too,

with your excessive talking,

you're becoming a PEST,

rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.....(repeat)

Now your a wonderful girl,

you got a wonderful smell,

you got wonderful arms,

you got charms

You got wonderful hair,

We make a wonderful pair,

No I don't mind havin' a chat....

But, you have to keep givin' it that,

(chorus) rabbit, rabbit, rabbit (repeat)

Rabbit /

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