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Makin love





Yo, what deal baby sis'? (what's up?)

Tell my man I'll be over there in like 15 minutes or whatever

So I can drop him off at the airport

Ya know what I mean?


Oh, you gon' take him to the airport?


Yeah, I'ma, I'ma drive him out there, whatever

(Yeah, stop frontin')


Why don't you just come over here after that

(Yeah, you know you want it)

Cause you know I don't like being in the house by myself


Yeah, I don't, I don't really know about that

(Uh huh, stop frontin')


Stop playin nigga

Just come over here, I don't wanna be here by myself

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, huh huh)



Verse One

C.B. can get to your head, if you let me

Or give ya hed, if you let me

When you met me, never bet we'd be

Bumpin' and grindin'

Wore short skirts and drop shit when you was behind me

Design ways to fuck with no craze

Cause I know you've known my man's since 3rd grade, I stayed

Pure through his whores and tore's, overseas

You and me, too long

Look opposite you ball

Lil' sis', so you say

Wanna fuck me Tony?, Scarface-way with Gina, I mean the...

Signs be there, time we share, be sweet

Fuck that reckless till we shred the sheets

To confetti, ready, picture teddy and gaurders

Play Marta, I'm smarter

Rub tit's, part lips, and watch you, I got you

Will powers down, got the ship mapped out

Cause that nigga's leaving town


Who's makin' love to your old lady

While you're out makin' love

(You don't really wanna know)

Makin love /

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