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Watching You

Watching you

Learning to have every faith

In all of the things that you do

How much i've lied

Tears have been cried

Loving you

Hoping to finally nail this

All i need is your word

Lazy bones

Where are all our friends

Where are all our friends

Going down again

Watching you

Finally finding the feeling i know there's

Too much to do

Hiccups and pride

Tears i cried

A feelin all of it's own

Look at all our friends

Goin down again

Goin down again

I can hardly get no feelin at all

Like a baby first starting to crawl

When i'm with you

I only want to see you smile

All i need is a satisfied mind

It's a long road

Don't cry c put your head on my shoulder

Take a long time to re-cover

I took a long time

And now i found you

Took a long time

I found you

Watching You /

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