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My Beautiful Friend

My beautiful friend

I will pay attention don't say this is the end

I find it hard to describe you

To point and discover you

Could i tell you once again

O my beautiful friend

Let me sleep and i will feed you when you're hungry

4 ever live inside of me

Thru the holes in the pockets of my clothes

High as high as an angel

I will stand there beside you

Love is all we need

My beautiful friend

My beautiful friend

I swear i adore you

Ain't no woman deep enough

I don't know how we made it this far dear

c without losing at least an ear

I could leave us, i could leave us a painting

Our lives are-a-changing

I couldn't and i wouldn't want to change you

Don't you know it i can save you

I will do all of this on my

Ver-y cown-

My beautiful friend

My beautiful friend

(can i ask you) do you ever get this feeling

When its hard to carry on

My Beautiful Friend /

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