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Трейси Чепмен Трейси ЧепменПевица и композитор

Nothing Yet

Good times and bad

Seen them both

Hope fly out the window

Fortune walk through the door

Learned not to believe

This is as good as it gets

Because we ain't seen nothing yet

Hands untied

But the same shuffle once again

Running all the time

Ain't going nowhere

It's a new page in the same book

It's a new game with the same rules

The lights go down

Fade to black on the set

And we ain't seen nothing yet

Saddled with bonds

Broken and in disrepair

Forty acres to a forty-ounce

Don't seem fair

The sirens rise and wail

Shadowed by Liberty's torch

As the boats that brought us over

Are slowly sinking off the shore

And we ain't seen nothing yet

This life a crime

A blessing and a curse

Chosen and unwanted

Displaced and usurped

I'd run away

But there is nowhere to go

So I'll stand and fight

And hope and pray

That the best is yet to come

And we ain't seen nothing yet

Трейси Чепмен

Nothing Yet / Трейси Чепмен

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