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When You Are a Soldier

She was a lovely girl, a charming brown eyed beauty

You were the bright young man who swept her off her feet

The high school class ring soon became a wedding band

And you went off to sail the seas for Uncle Sam

But they say it was the demon in the bottle

That took you far away never to return

And you never knew your son would be my father

And now sometimes I think about you and I wonder

If I could talk to you what words would I choose

I would say I wish I could have known you

And I would say I wish you would've stayed

But most of all I would say I forgive you

I know your love was strong I read it in your letters

I read how hard you tried to break free from the chains

I know we all could say how you should have done better

And wear out anger and resentment like a fetter

But that's the way I would say this to you if I could

I'd love to tell you how the lovely girl you married

She's been my hero and a treasure to us all

I know you'd be proud of the way your name's been carried

These are the things I would love to tell you if I could

I wish you were here to hear what I would say

When You Are a Soldier /

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