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I made a list, wrote down from A to Z

All the ways I thought that You could best use me

Told all my strengths and my abilities

I formed a plan it seemed to make good sense

I laid it out for You so sure You'd be convinced

I made my case, presented my defense

But then I read the letter that You sent me

It said that all You really want from me is just

Whatever, whatever You say

Whatever, I will obey

Whatever, Lord, have Your way

'Cause You are my God, whatever

So strike a match, set fire to the list

Of all my good intentions, all my preconceived ideas

I want to do Your will no matter what it is

Give me faith to follow where You lead me

Oh, Lord, give me the courage and the strength to do ...

I am not my own

I am Yours and Yours alone

You have bought me with Your blood

Lord, to You and You alone do I belong

And so whatever


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