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For Who He Really Is

Steven Curtis Chapman/Geoff Moore

Matthew 5:13-16

"Too many hypocrites," I heard her say

"I even saw it in the headlines today

How can I follow God when His own people turn away"

She said, "Nobody's perfect but I just want to see

Somebody living what they say they believe

If they've got all this world needs like they say

I wonder whay won't they give some away."


Can (she, he, they) see God for who He really is

In what (she, he, they) see(s) in you and me

Can (she, he, they) see God for who He really is

For who He really is

Is all (she, he, they) really need(s) to see

He slips into church and he puts up his guard

They look so happy but his life's been so hard

He keeps his distance so they won't see the scars

It's just religion that's all dressed up in white

And God is love as long as you're living right

But does he know that Jesus also has scars

And His love can reach him no matter how far


The skeptics are watching to see who wiill fall

While those disillusioned search for the Truth in it all

Maybe today we'll cross their paths unaware

And they'll stop and look at us. What will be there?


For Who He Really Is /

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