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Beyond the Blue

There's a woman in a wool suit

Carrying an infant

Coming through the bank doors

Late for some appointment

Now she rushes to the front desk

And she talks to the receptionist

Who motions to the telephone

Over in the waiting room

She's calling someone

But I can't see much from where I sit

I'm stuck here in this drive-through window

Waiting in this line

There goes the diaper bag

The baby's slipping on her hip

Before my car moves up an inch

They both have started crying

All the time in the world

Climbs the walls, swells the doors

It goes flying out the window

All the time in the world...

These precious days we live through

Thrown away like tissue

I wish that I could give you all the time in the world

Dresses on a clothesline

Dancing in a heat wave

Browning in the car fumes

Blowing off the interstate

Now I'm clicking past the lightpoles

Glancing down the cornrows

Dreaming in a straight line

Waking up in circles

And did I say I've got the right to want it all

Well if it's true I want it all

How could that do me any harm

I'll take my curves, I'll dodge the cops

I'll jump the ditches

Doing eightly miles an hour

Slammin' back into your arms

Beyond the Blue /

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