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[A hooded one:] "We are passing now to phase VI. The sequence is complete."

Cendor looked at the screen making a strange grimace as he pushed the button.

[Cendor:] "Farewell my friends. Your path is cleared now".

[Mayon O:] "At last we can move"!

[Gaia:] "This planet seems so wild and primitive. I suspect life has already manifested here, before us.

I wonder how we are going to appear in the optic sensors of a creature from this place"?

[Cendor thought:] "Soon Mayon O and Gaia will realize that we won't bring them back,

at least as soon as they were expecting to.

Maybe they will think that we had a problem on the laboratory.

Anyway, they won't remain alone. Soon millions will follow, to keep company

to the frozen stars while a new Ahrem will be rebuilt from its ashes"...

Finale /

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