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If Gave Love

Chorus- If I gave you love the where would that leave me

If I gave my trust would you use it against me

And if love starts again, would the ending be the same

Or would you prove to be the only one for me

If I gave love...

Verse 1- if I could look into your eyes and see the truth

Then I would know if I should try to put all of my trust in you

Not having to worry about if things would change

Once I gave myself to you I hope that you would stay the same

Cause I put all my trust in the wrong hands

And I don't ever want to feel pain again

So how so I know that you're the right man

But I pray that you are so our love could begin


Verse 2- I'm takin' a chance on you and me boy

You've given me a reason to let you inside my life

I've been in love before, I know this feeling

I gotta know this time this love is right

I gotta know this time this love is right ohh...

Not enough just to say the words "I love you"

Can't say it baby, baby

Gotta make sure that you doin everything you say

I'm not impressed by lines I've heard before

Baby I need more when its said and done those lines will fade away



Bridge- not much to ask of you

I ask that you be true

I won't be played so easily

Been there done that before I can't go there no more

Please oh please son't get me wrong I just want love

I can count on

Chorus- till end of song

If Gave Love /

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