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Шанталь Кревьязук Шанталь КревьязукКанадская исполнительница, одаренная певица и музыкант.


Tell me what you want from me

Well I'm not saying I'll believe

I could solve your mystery

But I would rather disagree

You know it I'd rather disagree

You say the truth will set me free

So how come you're comin' down on me

You think it's real if you can see

Well I don't take to that philosophy

'Cause you know I would, I would, I would, I would, I, etc. rather disagree

Yeah, I would rather disagree

Do you see yourself inside of me

And do it take away your miseries

Am I just one more catastrophe, yah

I always say what I don't mean


Don't feed me

I'm full

You know I'll starve

Before I fall

Don't bleed me

Don't bleed me

Even if you're right

Even if you're wrong

Even if you're right

Even if you're wrong

I would rather disagree

Шанталь Кревьязук

Disagree / Шанталь Кревьязук

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